02 IP Tripod Turnstile

IP-02 - turnstile.pngURSA Gates are currently offering the IP 02 tripod turnstile for £1697+VAT. Cost includes supply, installation and a 5 year warranty. 

The IP-stile is a sleek and cost effective access control solution suitable for a variety of entrance and exit ways including sports clubs, schools, campuses, fitness centres, libraries, etc.

Tripod turnstiles are a great pedestrian access control system which can be used for a variety of reasons including:

- Restriction of pedestrian access into a venue

- Creating fare gates (entry via paid access)

- Increasing security

- Monitoring the number of people entering or leaving your building

- Preventing access or exit in emergency situations

Product Specifications:

The IP02 includes a built-in IP access control system. When a valid card is presented to the reader, the turnstile will unblock. Entry event is saved to be used later for data processing. 

It uses a 12 ± 1.2V DC operating voltage and has a throughput rate (in single passage mode) of 30 persons per minute. The overall dimensions for the unit with barrier arms is 640×683×1040 mm.

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URSA Gates are currently offering this turnstile for £1697+VAT. Cost includes supply, installation and a 5 year warranty. If you are interested in installation of this, or other pedestrian access systems, please contact our team today on 0800 566 8174. We supply throughout the UK and Ireland.

IP02 Tripod Turnstile In Use

Below are photos of IP02 installations. The units can be installed on their own, in multiples or with infills, disabled access gates, etc.

IP02 - Tripod turnstile with access.jpg

IP-02 - turnstile .jpg

IP02 - Turnstile with capture card post.jpg

IP02 - turnstile with dda gates.jpg

IP02- Turnstile with infill.jpg