Pedestrian Access Control Systems

All Pedestrian Access Systems include a 5-year warranty. 

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Our turnstile systems offer robust access control solutions for pedestrian entry and exit points. Designed with durability and security in mind, our turnstiles provide reliable operation in various environments, including corporate offices, transportation hubs, and leisure facilities. With options for both mechanical and electronic turnstiles, we cater to diverse security needs while ensuring smooth pedestrian flow.

Speed Gates

Experience seamless access control with our speed gate solutions. Engineered for high-traffic areas, our speed gates combine sleek design with advanced technology to provide fast and secure entry for authorized individuals. Whether installed in airports, stadiums, or commercial buildings, our speed gates offer efficient pedestrian management without compromising on security.

Paddle Gates

Paddle gates offer a versatile solution for pedestrian access control, combining space-saving design with effective security features. Ideal for areas with limited space, such as office lobbies and reception areas, our paddle gates ensure controlled entry while maximizing throughput. With options for single and double gates, our paddle gate systems can be tailored to suit specific access requirements.

DDA / P Gates

Our DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant gates provide inclusive access for individuals with disabilities, ensuring equal opportunities for all. Featuring wider passages and accessibility features such as low-energy operation and clear visual indicators, our DDA gates prioritize accessibility without compromising on security. Whether integrated into public buildings, transport hubs, or commercial facilities, our DDA gates facilitate barrier-free access for everyone.

Control your building & cut costs

Pedestrian access solutions are designed to restrict or control pedestrian access to a building or area. The two most common reasons for installing these kinds of security systems are to limit access to only those who have the appropriate permissions or to optimize the flow of people - particularly at strongly visited sites.

Whether you are looking for a sleek, stylish speed gate for the entranceway to your office building or require full-height turnstiles for the entrance to a stadium or complex we have the knowledge required to find the perfect system for you.

Pedestrian Access Systems

If you are thinking of installing turnstiles, speed gates or paddle gates at the entry and/or exit of your building then you will need to consider a range of different aspects to ensure that you end up with the right solution for your needs. 

If you select an inefficient pedestrian control system then, unfortunately, you may end up needing to replace or remove it altogether, which is a costly and unnecessary process. So what can you do to ensure this doesn't happen? Here's our tips.

What to Consider Before Installing Turnstiles or Gates?

Initially, when you decide that you want to install a turnstile or gate system your attention will most likely be on the security, aesthetics and cost involved. However, you should also consider some other areas which are often overlooked, resulting in a poor choice of pedestrian control system.


Before you decide upon an entrance solution it is beneficial to examine the throughput requirements. At your entrance's busiest time, how many people are attempting to leave or enter simultaneously? Does your entrance require access for deliveries and how will you accommodate wheelchair users?

It is particularly important to examine this area if you are thinking of adding an access control system (such as a card reader) within your turnstile or speed gate system. "Card stacking" can improve the flow of pedestrians into your building and limit queues forming as each individual does not need to wait for the barrier to close before using it themselves.


Whilst in an ideal world your automatic gates will never break down or require any maintenance work, realistically it is much more likely that during their lifespan they will require parts replaced or fixed.

If one of your gates were to go out of service what implication would this have on your pedestrian flow? You should consider the negative impact of having to wait for parts or repair work to be finished and what contingency plan is in place for this eventuality.


Most security systems will use a barrier of some kind to prevent or control people entering your building. It is important to consider how these systems work in the case of an emergency, such as entrapment or evacuation. How does the system respond in such situations and does this have implications on your security requirements?


Another area you will want to think about is how user-friendly the system is. Will the system require a bit of staff training and will an operative need to be present near the system to help people who are having difficulties? Is your reception located close enough for a secretary or member of security to do this or would you need more personnel present?

Why Choose Ursa Gates to Install Gates at Your Premises?

The team at Ursa Gates have over 25 years of experience in the installation of automated vehicle and pedestrian access systems. We have installed turnstiles and gates at a range of commercial properties and public areas and understand the implications of each. If you would like some advice about which system will be best for you or to get a quote contact us at 0800 566 8174 or drop us an email at sales@ursagates.co.uk. Our team are here to help.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are pedestrian control systems easy to operate and maintain?

  • Yes, modern pedestrian control systems are easy to use and require minimal maintenance.

Can access control solutions be integrated with existing security systems?

  • Yes, access control solutions can often be seamlessly integrated with other security measures in place.

Can integrated access control systems be customized to specific requirements?

  • Yes, integrated access control solutions can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your building.

Are these pedestrian control systems suitable for high-traffic areas such as stadiums or airports?

  • Yes, many models are designed to handle high footfall while maintaining efficient operation.

Can these fully automatic systems be customized to match our building's design and branding?

  • Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options in terms of materials, colours, and finishes.

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