Swing Gates

All the gates in the product range are fully welded, and designed by the normal static load requirements and by DIN EN 12424 and 12444. 


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Double leaf swing gate installed by Ursa Gates

Single leaf swing gate installed by Ursa Gates

Commercial and Domestic 

Ursa produces a wide range of security gates. Produced from fully welded mild steel, gates are available in either single or double-leaf versions, and in any size up to 14m clear width and 3m in height.

Our gates can be manufactured with a variety of infill options, from standard vertical bar, solid steel or timber, and decorative steel designs. We can design a gate to your exact requirements or match an existing fence or gate type.

Choose between many finish colours to suit your on-site requirements.

Manually operated gates are fitted with drop bolts and slip latch locking facilities as standard. Alternate locking systems may be specified, including fire escape or DDA-compliant access systems.

Automatic gates are fitted with either underground operators or our UR600 above-ground operators depending on the size and specification of the gates. All our automatic gates are equipped with Category 3 safety edges and dual Photocells as standard to ensure compliance with all current safety legislation. For smaller, gates, hydraulic rams can also be fitted.

Gates are compatible with all access control systems and are fully factory-tested to ensure minimum installation time and maximum reliability

Different Types of Swing Gates 

Single Swing Gates

A single panel pivots on one side, providing a straightforward solution for securing entrances. This configuration is suitable for narrow openings and is commonly used in residential driveways and pedestrian entrances.

Double Swing Gates

Two panels pivot outward from the centre, offering a wider opening. This configuration is ideal for larger entrances such as vehicle driveways and commercial properties, providing enhanced accessibility and security.

Bi-fold Swing Gates

Multiple panels fold in on themselves, offering a compact footprint when opening and closing. This design is particularly beneficial for areas with limited space or where traditional gates may obstruct pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

Automated Swing Gates:

Equipped with motors and control systems, automated gates offer convenience and security through remote operation via keypads, remotes, or sensors. They automatically open and close in response to user input or the detection of approaching vehicles or pedestrians, making them suitable for both residential and commercial applications.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of choosing aluminium gates?

  • Aluminium gates are lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion, making them a cost-effective and low-maintenance option for your property.

How durable are powder-coated finishes on gates?

  • Powder-coated finishes provide a strong, protective layer that is highly resistant to fading, chipping, and scratching, ensuring long-lasting durability for your gates.

What design options are available for flat-top configurations in gates?

  • Flat configurations offer a sleek and modern look for your property, with options for customization in terms of colour, size, and pattern to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Is an extra layer necessary for added security on gates?

  • Adding a layer of security, such as a lock or keypad entry system, can enhance the protection of your property and provide peace of mind against potential intruders.

How do bi-folding gate systems compare to sliding gate systems?

  • Bi-folding gate systems offer space-saving functionality with a folding mechanism while sliding gate systems provide smooth lateral movement along a track. Both options have their unique advantages depending on your specific needs.