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Welcome to Ursa Gates Ltd - Your Electric Gates Glasgow Supplier

A Leading Installer of Vehicle and Pedestrian Access Control Systems

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Based in Glasgow Scotland, Ursa Gates has over 25 years of experience in the installation of automated vehicle and pedestrian systems. We have established ourselves as a leading installer throughout the UK and R.O.I. delivering solutions to both commercial and domestic customers alike. We pride ourselves on engineering excellence installing only the best automation equipment available.

We provide complete project management, allowing our customers to deal with one company from design to completion. All of our installations come with a 12-month warranty and maintenance contracts are available to ensure customer peace of mind.

Ursa Gates Ltd is an established maker of automatic gates, traffic barriers, access control, bollards and parking systems. Located in Glasgow, Ursa Gates Ltd has approximately three decades of experience in the setting up of automated car and pedestrian systems. Our company has established itself as a leading installer all over the UK and R.O.I. proffering services to various types of clients. The company relies on the pillars of superior engineering and installation of only the best-automated apparatus available.

Explore Advanced Security Solutions: Blockers, Bollards, Gates, and Turnstiles

Elevate your security standards with Ursa Gates, where cutting-edge solutions meet unparalleled expertise. Our extensive range of products caters to both residential and commercial properties, offering blockers, bollards, gates, and turnstiles for robust access control. From automated gate solutions to external turnstiles and speed gates, our team in the Glasgow area has the experience to provide top-quality perimeter security.

Our design team works diligently to ensure that your property is safeguarded against unauthorized access while maintaining efficient pedestrian flow. Trust our experienced team to recommend the ideal product from our full range of blockers, bollards, gates, and turnstiles tailored to your specific needs. Explore Ursa Gates today for innovative security solutions that prioritize safety and sophistication.

Blockers or Bollards

Bollards installed by Ursa Gates

Secure your property with our durable blockers and bollards, offering heavy-duty protection against vehicle impact. Our range includes blockers and bollards designed to safeguard parking areas, pedestrian zones, and sensitive facilities. Ensure the safety and security of your premises with our reliable solutions for controlling access. Explore our selection of automatic gates, electric gates, and automation packages for added convenience.

Vehicle Gates

Vehicles gate installed by Ursa Gates

Secure your property with our high-quality vehicle gates, providing effective access control solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Our range includes sliding gates, swing gates, and barrier arm gates, offering strength and durability. Expertly designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, our gates can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Choose from metal or composite materials such as wrought iron for added security and aesthetics.

Our automated gate options include automatic swinging gates and electric gates, controlled remotely for convenience. Enhance the longevity of your gate with powder coating finishes that protect against rust and corrosion. With a variety of gate designs available, you can select the style that complements your driveway entrance while ensuring reliable perimeter security. Trust our team to deliver durable and reliable solutions tailored to your needs.


External Turnstiles

External turnstiles installed by Ursa Gates

Top-of-the-line external turnstiles are available to regulate pedestrian entry to your property. These turnstiles are perfect for secure access control at entry and exit points, ensuring smooth traffic flow and heightened security in commercial, industrial, and public settings. Designed to endure tough weather conditions and heavy use, our external turnstiles prioritize reliability and longevity. With a range of configurations and customization possibilities, we can personalize our turnstile systems to suit your precise security requirements in commercial premises with limited space.

Speed Gates

Speed gates installed by Ursa Gates Enhance access control with our cutting-edge speed gates, designed to provide seamless and safe entry points. Tailored for busy settings, our speed gates facilitate rapid pedestrian flow without compromising security standards. Boasting contemporary and stylish aesthetics, our speed gates effortlessly complement various architectural designs, making them a versatile choice for diverse settings such as corporate offices, transport terminals, and entertainment venues. Equipped with state-of-the-art features and flexible configurations, our speed gates offer an effective solution for managing restricted zones while optimizing pedestrian movement efficiency.

What Can Ursa Gates Offer You

1.) Ursa Gates Ltd presents a complete project management permitting the customers to engage only one company from the beginning of the project to the conclusion. All of the installations have a 1-year guarantee extendable to 5 years, and maintenance agreements are obtainable to make sure the customer has total peace of mind.

2.) Using only the best quality systems Ursa Gates has been engaged to provide systems over the years for some of the UK's leading blue chip companies. The company makes automatic sliding, swinging and security turnstiles for both domestic and industrial electric gates which nowadays are not only a luxury but a safe means of protecting your home or business. 

3.) Ursa Gates Ltd offers you the opportunity to use your design or utilize ours. We boast an extensive database of designs for railings and gates, from the conventional and classic to the ornate and decorative. We can tailor any design to meet your precise requirements, and custom make it a clear-cut fit.

4) To cater for the growing demand, nowadays, we employ a manageable number of specialists who are vigilantly selected as part of our team. A lineup in which every member prides themselves in proffering the professional and affable service that has aided in building our outstanding reputation. If you would like to view examples of our work, please visit our website portfolio. The benefits of having our automatic gates include improved security, control over people who enter or leave your property and convenience.

Surplus Stock

Check out our surplus stock range. Due to a size change on a live project, we have the following equipment to sell at a drastically discounted rate

Automatic & Electric Gates Glasgow - Call Now 

All our systems act in agreement with current laws and HSE standards. You can Find out more about Vehicle Access and Pedestrian Access, or if you need any further information, feel free to get in touch with us at sales@ursagates.co.uk or call 0800 566 8174.



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