Security Bollards & Traffic Blockers

Security and access control are paramount concerns for businesses and public spaces alike. URSA Gates offers a comprehensive range of traffic barriers and bollards designed to enhance security while effectively managing vehicle access. Whether you need to secure a commercial property, industrial site, or public facility, our solutions provide peace of mind and protection against unauthorized entry, vandalism, and potential threats. With a focus on quality, reliability, and innovation, URSA Gates is your trusted partner for safeguarding your premises and ensuring the safety of employees, visitors, and assets.

Types of Security Bollards and Barriers

Introducing our comprehensive range of security bollards and barriers, designed to provide robust vehicle access control solutions for various applications. From the Shallow Mount Road Blocker to the Coral Model Traffic Bollard and Luxor Security Bollard, our products offer unparalleled security features to safeguard entrances and parking facilities in high-security environments such as embassies, airports, military bases, and commercial premises. The BLOCK road blocker stands out for its plug-and-play design, integration with traffic lights and rising arms, and cost-effective yet highly efficient operation. Meanwhile, the Coral Model Traffic Bollard boasts easy installation, low maintenance requirements, and seamless integration with access control systems. Luxor Pneumatic security bollard introduces advanced pneumatic technology for heavy-duty use, with enhanced visibility and safety features. Additionally, our Automatic Bollard and J Series security bollard offer exceptional impact resistance and reliability, meeting stringent ASTM standards for perimeter protection. Explore our range of security solutions to find the perfect solution for your access control needs.

Shallow Mount Road Blocker

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Road Blocker is a vehicle access control road blocker, available with an integrated rising arm barrier and traffic light system. The system offers a complete access control solution for parking facilities and entrances to sites which require high security such as embassies, airports, military bases, border crossings and critical infrastructure, as well as company headquarters and secured parking areas. 

BLOCK road blocker main advantages are: 

  • BLOCK is a plug-and-play, pre-assembled, factory-tested security device 
  • BLOCK is a security road blocker integrated with a traffic light and rising arm (optionally) 
  • BLOCK automation and equipment are enclosed in one common cabinet 
  • BLOCK is a cost-effective solution to secure the entrance 
  • BLOCK is a low-maintenance device, avoiding the necessity to integrate different devices from various suppliers (complete equipment from one source) 
  • BLOCK can be integrated with most integration systems and communication protocols

Coral Model Traffic Bollard by Ursa Gates

Our range of Bollards is designed to restrict vehicle access in both public and private areas, Coral has an operation time of 4 seconds and is 100mm in diameter, 510mm high with a weight of 86kg. Installation is easy with the self-contained hydraulic pump and piston assembly with no special adjusting or calibration required. Manual override is allowed in the event of an emergency or power failure. There is also the option of an electro-valve and coupling, which automatically lowers the bollard in the event of a power failure. The electronic control unit allows the systems to be operated in either automatic or semi-automatic mode and is easily integrated with access control and safety equipment such as traffic lights, photocells and ground loops.


Luxor Security Bollard

Luxor Pneumatic security bollard by Ursa Gates

Luxor, the newest addition to the family is a technologically advanced product that will hold up to any challenge. It is a retractable, pneumatic bollard, developed to meet any requirements. Luxor is the ideal answer to the requirements of heavy-duty private use and public applications: business centres, supermarket chains, car dealerships, and historical centres where aesthetics are as important as public safety. The movement of the Luxor pneumatic bollard is signalled by a double device consisting of light and sound, to prevent any inadvertent impacts by pedestrians and cyclists. The new illuminated ring is composed of 12 intensive bright LEDs that improve the visibility of the bollard in any weather conditions, during the day or night. The acoustic signal guarantees the safety of pedestrians walking too close to the manoeuvring area of the bollard.


 Automatic Bollard

Security bollard with LED lights by Ursa Gates

  •  Automatic bollard for intensive use
  • The drive unit mounted within the cylinder
  • Comes with built-in flashing LEDs, a buzzer, emergency release and a mechanical release
  • Sectional foundation boxes
  • Standard descent time of 2.8 seconds, extra setting allowing descent of 1 second
  • Can be installed in existing FAAC City bollard pit
  • 2 fast connectors for low and high voltage for rapid connection/disconnection


Automatic Bollard J Series

J Series security bollard by Ursa Gates

The new bollard in the J Series range, conceived for perimeter protection applications can absorb up to 656,000 joules of energy; the equivalent of the impact of a 6800kg truck at a speed of 50km/h in less than 1 metre.

Bollard has been tested by ASTM F 2656-07 Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers and was successfully ranked with the highest class (P1).

All in one: The bollard has a built-in hydraulic drive unit to avoid loss of power on underground pipes.


Benefits of URSA Gates Solutions

URSA Gates Solutions offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing security and access control across various environments. Leveraging advanced technology and precision engineering, our solutions are designed to provide efficient and reliable performance while prioritizing the safety and security of people and property.

One of the key advantages of URSA Gates Solutions is its advanced technology, which includes hydraulic and pneumatic systems, automatic operation modes, and integrated control units. These features ensure seamless and efficient operation, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and enhancing overall security. Additionally, our solutions offer a high degree of customization, allowing clients to tailor the size, colour, and design to suit their specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

At URSA Gates Solutions, we prioritize durability and reliability in our high-quality products that are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Our professional fitter guarantees a secure and reliable system. Compliance with industry standards and regulations is paramount in all our solutions, ensuring safety and accessibility for all users. From barrier-free access for individuals with disabilities to innovative safety features like emergency release mechanisms, we prioritize the protection of people and property. Our commitment to quality products and excellent service has made us highly recommended in the industry.

Furthermore, seamless integration with other security systems and access control technologies allows our solutions to create a comprehensive security ecosystem that meets the evolving needs of our clients. Whether it's integrating RFID card readers or CCTV surveillance cameras, URSA Gates Solutions offers a holistic approach to perimeter protection and access control.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are security bollards?

  • Security bollards are sturdy posts designed to restrict or control vehicle access to specific areas, providing physical security and protection.

How do driveway security bollards work?

  • Driveway security bollards act as a barrier to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering your property, enhancing the overall security of your driveway.

What are driveway security posts used for?

  • Security posts are essential for enhancing security measures and deterring vehicle intrusion in private driveways, commercial properties, and public spaces.

Are there different types of driveway bollards available?

  • Yes, there are various types of driveway bollards such as retractable, fixed, removable, and automatic bollards that cater to different security needs and aesthetic preferences.

How can high-security bollards enhance property protection?

  • Security bollards offer advanced features like crash resistance and anti-ram capabilities, making them ideal for protecting critical infrastructure, and other high-risk areas.

What solutions do parking bollards provide for businesses?

  • Parking-bollards help manage traffic flow, designate parking spaces, improve pedestrian safety, and protect structures from accidental vehicle collisions in parking lots or garages.

Why choose driveway posts for residential properties?

  • Driveway posts add a layer of security to homes by preventing unauthorized vehicles from accessing the property and ensuring peace of mind for homeowners.

How can security bollards benefit car parks?

  • Security bollards effectively control vehicle access, preventing theft or vandalism of parked cars, enhance pedestrian safety, and maintain orderly traffic management within the premises.