Security Turnstiles

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All Turnstile Systems include a 5-year warranty. 

Our selection of access control turnstiles provides versatile and dependable solutions for a range of environments, catering to both outdoor settings and indoor facilities with space limitations. Whether you need external turnstiles built to withstand harsh weather conditions, boxed turnstiles for compact indoor settings, or tripod turnstiles for areas with high pedestrian traffic, we have you covered. With robust construction, advanced access control technology, and seamless integration options, our turnstiles provide enhanced security and efficiency for entrances to stadiums, office buildings, transportation hubs, and more. Explore our range to find the perfect turnstile gates solution tailored to your specific needs.

Boxed security turnstile by Ursa Gates
Tripod security turnstile by Ursa Gates

Different Types of Security Turnstiles 

External Turnstiles

Our range of external turnstiles is designed to provide robust and reliable solutions for outdoor environments. These turnstiles are constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel or powder-coated steel, ensuring resistance to harsh weather conditions and vandalism. With options for single or multiple arms and various control mechanisms including card readers, biometric scanners, and coin/token acceptors, our external turnstiles offer flexibility and security for entrances to stadiums, amusement parks, public transportation hubs, and more.

Boxed Turnstiles

Boxed turnstiles are a versatile and space-efficient access control solution suitable for indoor environments with limited space. These turnstiles feature a compact design with fully enclosed housing, providing added security and aesthetics. Available in single or multiple-arm configurations, boxed turnstiles offer reliable access control for entrances to office buildings, schools, gyms, and other facilities. Integration with access control systems allows for seamless operation and monitoring of user traffic, enhancing security and efficiency.

Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod turnstiles are a popular choice for pedestrian access control in areas with high foot traffic. Featuring three rotating arms, these turnstiles provide a simple yet effective barrier to regulate the flow of people. Our tripod turnstiles are available in various designs, including full-height and a half-height turnstile, to suit different security requirements and installation environments. Equipped with advanced access control technology such as RFID readers, barcode scanners, and facial recognition systems, our tripod turnstiles offer reliable performance and ease of use for entrances to train stations, stadiums, office buildings, and more.

Do you need to control access to your building or premises?

Turnstiles provide a great way of securely controlling pedestrian access to buildings, offices and public outdoor areas. Whether you are looking to install a turnstile system to increase security at your building's entrance or help control the flow of pedestrians into your building, there will be a turnstile to suit your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are security turnstiles?

  • Security turnstiles are physical barriers used to control pedestrian access to a specific area by allowing only one person to pass through at a time, typically requiring authentication or verification.

How tall is a height pedestrian turnstile?

  • A height pedestrian turnstile is typically around 6 feet tall, designed to restrict access and ensure only authorized personnel can enter a secure area.

What are construction sites turnstiles used for?

  • Turnstiles at construction sites help monitor and control the flow of workers and visitors, enhancing site security and safety protocols.

How do pedestrian turnstiles prevent unauthorised access?

  • Pedestrian turnstiles require individuals to authenticate themselves before passing through, effectively preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas.

What are full-height turnstiles commonly used for?

  • Full-height turnstiles are often used in high-security locations like prisons or military bases, providing maximum security by completely blocking passage without authorization.