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Do You Need Planning Permission for Electric Gates?Are you contemplating installing electric gates but unsure about planning permissions? You’re in the right place. Do you need planning permission for electric gates? Height, vicinity to public highways, and designated land statuses are pivotal in th…  Read more

What Is A Swing Gate & How Do They Work? Posted

What Is A Swing Gate & How Do They Work?Curious about “what is a swing gate”? Simply put, it’s a moveable barrier that opens by swinging on hinges, creating an entryway in a fence line. They range from manually operated to the automatic, sophisticated systems you can activate …  Read more

10 Ways To Make Your Building More AccessibleWondering how to make a building accessible for the disabled? Eliminate the guesswork with our guide as we lead you through the critically necessary adaptations from ramps to bathrooms Discover compliance essentials and the best practices for opening your…  Read more

Untitled design (1).jpgIf you are looking for a way to increase security at the entrance of your building speed gates may be the solution you are looking for. These pedestrian access control systems are found in a variety of different buildings from stations and airports to... Read more

02 IP Tripod Turnstile Posted

IP-02 - turnstile.pngURSA Gates are currently offering the IP02 tripod turnstile for £1697+VAT. Cost includes supply, installation and a 5 year warranty. The IP-stile is a sleek and cost effective access control solution suitable for a variety of entrance and exit ways... Read more