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Pedestrian Access Control Considerations Posted

Pedestrian Access Control 5 year warranty.jpgInstalling a pedestrian access system at the entry or exit way of your building requires you to consider a range of aspects to ensure that you end... Read more

Slim Line & Tripod Turnstiles Posted

tripod.jpg Model: FT310  Model: TTR08A  Download Product Info *NEW Product & Offer - Cost for supply and installation: £1697.00 + VAT. Info Model: 02 IP-STILE Model: T5 Download Product Info Model: TTR04 …  Read more

Full Height Turnstiles & Pedestrian Gates Posted

full.jpg Model: RH1-650 / RH1-750  Pedestrian Gate  Why Choose Ursa Gates? URSA Gates provide security turnstiles in a variety of dimensions and designs which can be integrated with access control systems to meet your preference. We have over 25 years' experie…  Read more

Boxed Turnstiles Posted

RT320bnew.png Model: RT320B Model: TBC-01 Download Product Info Model: TTD-08 Download Product Info   Model: TTD03 Model: TB01A …  Read more