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Pedestrian Access Control Considerations Posted

Pedestrian Access Control 5 year warranty.jpgInstalling a pedestrian access system at the entry or exit way of your building requires you to consider a range of aspects to ensure that you end... Read more

Slim Line & Tripod Turnstiles Posted

tripod.jpg Model: FT310  Model: TTR08A  Download Product Info *NEW Product & Offer - Cost for supply and installation: £1697.00 + VAT. Info Model: 02 IP-STILE Model: T5 Download Product Info Model: TTR04 …  Read more

Full Height Turnstiles & Pedestrian Gates Posted

full.jpg Model: RH1-650 / RH1-750  Pedestrian Gate  Why Choose Ursa Gates? URSA Gates provide security turnstiles in a variety of dimensions and designs which can be integrated with access control systems to meet your preference. We have over 25 years' experie…  Read more

Boxed Turnstiles Posted

RT320bnew.png Model: RT320B Model: TBC-01 Download Product Info Model: TTD-08 Download Product Info   Model: TTD03 Model: TB01A …  Read more

3245118_orig.jpgUrsa Gates completed an installation of gates into the Student Loans Building in Glasgow's Bothwell St. There are over 1500 employees working in the building so we needed to ensure that the fire log was 100% accurate. After surveying the entrance it... Read more