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Different Types of Electric Sliding Gates

Single-leaf Sliding Gates

Single-leaf sliding gates consist of a single panel that slides horizontally to open or close the entrance. These gates are suitable for narrower openings and are often used in residential settings or areas with small spaces.

Bi-parting Sliding Gates

Bi-parting sliding gates feature two panels that slide away from each other to create an opening. These gates are ideal for wider entrances and provide enhanced security and accessibility compared to single-leaf gates.

Telescopic Sliding Gates

Telescopic sliding gates are designed to retract into themselves when opening, minimizing the space required for operation. They are an excellent choice for locations with limited space or where aesthetics are a concern.

Cantilever Sliding Gates

Cantilever sliding gates are supported by rollers attached to a counterbalance frame, allowing the gate to slide horizontally without the need for a track along the ground. These gates are ideal for uneven terrain or locations where ground track installation is not feasible.

Bi-folding Sliding Gates

Bi-folding sliding gates consist of multiple panels that fold horizontally as the gate opens, creating a compact stack when fully open. These gates are suitable for entrances with limited lateral space and offer a sleek and modern appearance.

Make Vehicle Access Security Simple with Sliding Gates

The heavy-duty cantilevered and tracked automatic gates provide the optimum solution for vehicle entrance control at high-security locations or facilities which experience a high level of vehicle movements.

Gates are manufactured to suit customer’s requirements and sizes from 2m up to 12m in width and 3.5m in height are available as fully automated or manually operated types.

The infill design of gates can be modified to reflect the needs of individual projects, and decorative or timber-clad designs can be incorporated where the standard vertical bar infill is not required.

The automated versions of the UR500 automatic gates are inverter-driven, 3-phase motors with rack and pinion final drive. This provides smooth operation and variable speed functions on the sliding gate. Fully compliant safety systems are fitted as standard, including Cat. 3 safety edges and twin photocells. Our safety systems are continually updated to maintain compliance with evolving legislation.

These heavy-duty applications are ideal for securing industrial sites and are popular for the span they can cover.

Full PLC control of the gate, with in-house software design enables us to adapt the parameters of our gates to suit any operational requirements of our customers and ensure


Bi-Folding Gates

Bi Bi-folding gates can also effectively secure an entrance at a reasonable cost. All the gates in the product range are fully welded, and designed by the normal static load requirements and by DIN EN 12424 and 12444. 


Metallic electric sliding gate installed by Ursa Gates

Automatic sliding gate installed by Ursa Gates




The bi-folding gate range provides the perfect solution for security in confined locations, or where the speed of opening is important giving twice the span in opening space. This increased speed also ensures that site entrances are open for the minimum amount of time possible to allow authorised users to access without allowing unauthorised persons to enter.

Commonly chosen for applications such as multi-storey car parks, prison entrances and corporate access roads, they provide an aesthetically pleasing, high-security entrance control solution.

The design incorporates two mechanically connected leaves per side, which swing open together thus providing a greater speed of operation than other automated gate systems. They are fitted with reliable heavy-duty drive systems which are almost silent in operation and have an impeccable service record with maximum longevity in the most demanding environments.

The small swing arc needed by the dual gate leaf system allows this bi-folding gate to be located in situations which would rule out the installation of conventional gates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a sliding gate and a telescopic gate?

  • A sliding gate moves horizontally along a track, while a telescopic gate retracts and extends to open and close.

Is an electric sliding gate easy to operate?

  • Yes, an electric sliding gate can be operated conveniently using a remote control or keypad entry system.

Can an aluminium sliding gate withstand different weather conditions?

  • Yes, an aluminium sliding gate is durable and weather-resistant, making it suitable for various environments.

What is the advantage of cantilever gates over a traditional sliding gate?

  • Cantilever gates do not require a ground track, making it ideal for locations where excavation may be challenging or undesirable.

Is an automated gate secure for a residential driveway?

  • Yes, an automated driveway gate provides enhanced security by allowing controlled access to your property.

How does a tracked sliding gate differ from other types of sliding gates?

  • A tracked sliding gate runs on a track system that ensures smooth and stable operation compared to free-rolling options.