Paddle Gates

Safe, Stylish and Secure Pedestrian Access Control

A Paddle gate can be used to control entry into buildings and areas such as office receptions, stations, libraries and corporate buildings. Compared to traditional pedestrian gates paddle gates can be more difficult to get over or under limited entry for members of the public without the correct entry permissions. Paddle gate systems can be integrated with other forms of security control such as smart card readers and coin operators, reducing the need for security guards or attendants.

Paddle Gates offered by URSA Gates:

Paddle Gate Model SF-160 by Ursa Gates
Model: SF-160

Stainless steel paddle gates not only look sophisticated and modern but are durable and able to avoid vandalism or damage that comes with consistent contact with the public. URSA Gates has over 25 years of experience in the installation of paddle gates and pedestrian access systems. All of our installations include a 5-year warranty.

UR-01 is available in two versions: with a standard 650 mm or an extended 900 mm passageway. The extended version provides comfortable access for people in wheelchairs and people carrying bulky goods. The fail-safe operation ensures free passage in an emergency case.

The number of passage zones can be increased with UR-01 double-sided section installation. Each double-sided section creates one extra passageway.

The tracking system is equipped with two levels of intrusion detectors, 14 on the upper level and 28 on the lower level, which guarantees passage security at a high throughput rate and provides protection from unauthorised simultaneous passage of two or more people.

Indication modules of the passageway direction are located on the front ends of gate posts of the turnstile. Indication modules of the passage grant/denial are located in the user line-of-sight range on the speed gate central post allowing quick passage completion.

For further details about installing paddle gates at your premises or to discuss your project contact URSA Gates today at: 0800 566 8174 or email us sales@ursagates.co.uk.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a paddle gate?

  • A paddle gate is a type of entry control system used to restrict access to buildings and areas such as office receptions, stations, libraries, and corporate buildings.

Does a paddle gate require manual operation by security guards or attendants?

  • Integrating a paddle gate with advanced technology like a DC motor allows for automated operation, reducing the need for constant monitoring by security personnel.

What are some common applications of paddle gates?

  • Paddle gates are commonly used in office buildings, train stations, libraries, and other corporate environments where access control is important.

Are paddle gates suitable for bi-directional entry and exit?

  • Yes, most modern paddle gate systems support bi-directional movement to accommodate both incoming and outgoing traffic flow efficiently.

Can paddle gate systems be integrated with other security measures?

  • Yes, paddle gate systems can be integrated with smart card readers and coin operators to enhance security measures and streamline access control processes.

How can users obtain permission to pass through a paddle gate?

  • Access permissions can be granted through smart cards or other access control methods that are compatible with the paddle gate system.