Bi-Folding Gates

Bi-fold gates can also effectively secure an entrance at a reasonable cost. All the gates in the product range are fully welded, and designed by the normal static load requirements and by DIN EN 12424 and 12444. 





Bifolding gate from Ursa Gates


The bi-folding gate range provides the perfect solution for security in confined locations, or where the speed of opening is important giving twice the span in opening space. This increased speed also ensures that site entrances are open for the minimum amount of time possible to allow authorised users to access without allowing unauthorised persons to enter.

Commonly chosen for applications such as multi-storey car parks, prison entrances and corporate access roads, they provide an aesthetically pleasing, high-security entrance control solution.

The design incorporates two mechanically connected leaves per side, which swing open together thus providing a greater speed of operation than other automated gate systems. They are fitted with reliable heavy-duty drive systems which are almost silent in operation and have an impeccable service record with maximum longevity in the most demanding environments.

The small swing arc needed by the dual gate leaf system allows this bi-folding gate to be located in situations which would rule out the installation of conventional gates.

Different Types of Bi-Fold Gates

Single Bi-fold Gates

These gates consist of a single panel that folds in one direction, ideal for smaller entrances or where space is limited on one side.

Double Bi-fold Gates

With two panels that fold in opposite directions, double bi-fold gates provide a wider opening and are suitable for larger entrances or driveways.

Telescopic Bi-fold Gates

Telescopic gates feature multiple panels that slide and stack neatly behind each other, minimizing the space required for opening and closing.

Cantilever Bi-fold Gates

Cantilever gates are suspended above the ground, eliminating the need for a track or ground rail, and making them ideal for uneven terrain or areas where excavation is difficult.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a bi-fold gate range?

  • Bi-fold gates provide a perfect solution for security in confined locations and offer increased speed of opening, allowing for twice the span in opening space.

Can adjustable hinges be incorporated into bi-fold gates?

  • Yes, adjustable hinges can be integrated into bi-fold gates to allow for customization and ease of installation.

Are there options available for pedestrian access in bi-fold gates?

  • Yes, many bi-fold gate designs include provisions for pedestrian access to ensure convenience and safety for foot traffic.

How can bi-fold gates be utilized in limited space environments?

  • Bi-fold gates are ideal for limited-space environments as they offer a compact yet efficient solution for security and access control.

Are driveway gates available in the bi-fold gate range?

  • Yes, our bi-fold gate range includes options specifically designed for use as driveway gates to enhance both security and aesthetics.