Security Traffic Blockers & Bollards


Shallow Mount Road Blocker

Road Blocker is a vehicle access control road blocker, available with integrated rising arm barrier and traffic light system. The systems offers a complete access control solution for parking facilities and entrances to sites which require high security such as embassies, airports, military bases, border crossings and critical infrastructure, as well as companies headquarters and secured parking areas. 

BLOCK road blocker main advantages are: 

  • BLOCK is a plug and play, pre-assembled, factory-tested security device 
  • BLOCK is a security road blocker integrated with traffic light and rising arm (optionally) 
  • BLOCK automation and equipment is enclosed in one common cabinet 
  • BLOCK is a cost effective solution to secure the entrance 
  • BLOCK is a low maintenance device, avoiding the necessity to integrate different devices from various suppliers (complete equipment form one source) 
  • BLOCK can be integrated with most integration systems and communication protocols



Our range of Bollards are designed to restrict vehicle access in both public and private areas, Coral has an operation time of 4 seconds and is 100mm in diameter, 510mm high with a weight of 86kg. Installation is easy with the self-contained hydraulic pump and piston assembly with no special adjusting or calibration required. Manual override is allowed in the event of an emergency or power failure and there is also the option of an electro-valve and coupling, which automatically lowers the bollard in the event of a power failure. The electronic control unit allows the systems to be operated in either automatic or semi-automatic mode and are easily integrated with access control and safety equipment such as traffic lights, photocells and ground loops.



Luxor, the newest addition to the family is a technologically advanced product that will hold up to any challenge. It is a retractable, pneumatic bollard, developed to meet any and all requirements. Luxor is the ideal answer to the requirements of heavy duty private use and public applications: business centres, supermarket chains, car dealerships, and historical centres where aesthetics are as important as public safety. The movement of the Luxor pneumatic bollard is signalled by a double device consisting of: light and sound, to prevent any inadvertent impacts by pedestrians and cyclists. The new illuminated ring is composed of 12 intensive bright LEDs that improve visibility of the bollard in any weather conditions, during the day or night. The acoustic signal guarantees the safety of any pedestrians walking too close to the manoeuvring area of the bollard.


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Automatic Bollard

  • Automatic bollard for intensive use
  • Drive unit mounted within the cylinder
  • Comes with built in flashing LEDs, buzzer, emergency release and mechanical release
  • Sectional foundation boxes
  • Standard descent time of 2.8 seconds, extra setting allowing descent of 1 second
  • Can be installed in existing FAAC City bollard pit
  • 2 fast connectors for low and high voltage for rapid connection/disconnection


Automatic Bollard J Series


Traffic Barriers




Electro mechanical Traffic barriers 100% duty cycle. 
UK Installation.
3-9m opening.  
Fitted with battery back up in event of mains failure barrier can be programmed to automatically lift.

Lifting Barrier Gates From 3-10 meters

Barriers gates giving the convince of traffic barriers but the security of gates



The only 10 meters long gate that laterally needs only 60 centimetres space! You don't need any help on the ground. Finally, a reliable automatic closure for all those requiring large openings and having an intensive use, without renouncing to the spaces occupied by the traditional sliding gates.

All the articulated joints have to be equipped with bronze bushes and self-lubricating pivots. 
The gate's length (measured on both columns' ends) has to be: XX meters.
(max. 5.75 meters for the Residential Version and max. 10 meters for each leaf of the Industrial Version)
The rods' highness from the ground has to be: XX meters.
(max. 1.60 meters for the Residential Version and max. 2.50 meters for the Industrial Version)
The entire gate has to be certificated in accordance with the law EN 13241-1. Its wind resistance has to be at least the Class 4 (EN 12424).
The gates have to be supplied with the following accessories:

- Certified electric control unit
- Radio Receiver Card
- Flashing light
- Key Selector for a manual opening and closing
- N. XX remote controls with 4 buttons

£  P.O.A

Parking Systems

Reusable and Cost-Effective Parking Solution!

2000 adopts Mifare IC technology, a current widely used contactless card system worldwide, for its ticketing system. The reusable feature makes 2000 a very environmental friendly and cost effective parking solution. Without printing on a ticket, the contactless data read/write in a Mifare IC has greatly reduced ticket issuing time and system maintenance efforts, and also makes a higher level of system stability and data security.

With each machine unit in the system equipped with an IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) and connected with each other via Ethernet, 2000 guarantees not only a reliable and stable operation of your parking system but also an ultimate flexibility for system expansion or integration to other systems such as LPRS (License Plate Recognition System), CSC(Contactless Smart Card) and long range RFID systems…etc.

Running at the central station of the 2000 parking system, the Central Management Software makes parking management such an easy job. Any system set ups, report generation, real time device status monitoring and remote control can be all done by just a few clicks.


Basic & Cost Effective Parking Solution

  • Our system uses industrial CPU to design our control module.
  • TCP/ IP (Ethernet) interface, and connection without interference.
  • Station can operate on it's own when the system is offline. The system will save data and send back to Central Management System when internet is connected again. If system is power failure, memory can store 200,000 data over 5 years.
  • System can restart working in 10 seconds when unexpected outage or restart PC.
  • Coin-operated Station can print sales report and confirm payment. Accounts management becomes very easy.




The system is a comprehensive solution to parking control, offering significant improvements in productivity for little additional cost, while also increasing end user satisfaction due to operational reliability and simplicity of use. To do this, our car park control system is based on a network of automatic devices that regulate access, control payment and record all activity in the car park.

  • Reduction in parking operating costs.
  • Complete adaptation to the requirements of the car park (spaces, turnaround, payment methods, etc.).
  • Integrated system that facilitates installation, handling and maintenance of the car park.
  • Remote and centralised control of the car park system.
  • Automatic recording of all parking events for accounting and/or auditing purposes.
  • Ability to integrate with third-party solutions.


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The new bollard in the J Series range, conceived for perimeter protection applications  It can absorb up to 656,000 joules energy; the equivalent of the impact of a 6800kg truck at a speed of 50km/h in less than 1 metre.

Bollard has been tested in accordance with ASTM F 2656-07 Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers and was successfully ranked with the highest class (P1).

All in one: bollard has a built-in hydraulic drive unit to avoid loss of power on underground pipes.